Emergency Eye and Boy Showers; factory, laboratory, hospital etc. It is the first aid and work safety material used for the cleaning of eyes and body in irritation, burning and injuries that occur during contact with the body or body with all kinds of acids, alkali, caustic such as harm to the body health during the activity in the environment. Emergency showers, which can be operated with mains water and allow rapid washing with water, are effective in preventing possible serious damage.

General features

  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Produced according to EN 15154 -1 and EN 15154-2 standards.
  • Boy shower part is specially produced by plastering method in molds.
  • Eye shower section is made of dreyn stainless steel, shower heads are prepared with eye harmony and general production concept in mind.
  • Water Inlet: 1 Water Outlet: 1 1/4
  • Water Flow: 11,5 lt / min (eye shower) 75 lt / min (body shower)
  • It can be manufactured with plastic hopper or galvanized paint according to customer demand.
  • Control with hand control or foot control.
  • Quality TIG Welding and Certified Welding Operators

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